Bring Your Company Together for an Enjoyable Fishing Excursion

Pick us when you need a boat rental for corporate events in Ocean City, NJ and Atlantic City Area

Show your appreciation for your employees and coworkers with a much-deserved break, cruise fishing is a great option and promotes team building. Everyone in your company will love relaxing on the water.

To get a boat rental for corporate events, turn to Reel Fun Fishing in Ocean City, NJ. Our boats are available for private events after Labor Day. We can hold up to 100 people, but we recommend fewer if you plan on bringing food or entertainment.

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What should you know about boat rentals?

When you pick us for company boat rental services, we'll make sure your event goes according to plan. You'll enjoy working with us because:

  • You can bring catering services and DJs on board
  • Your trip will include fishing licenses, equipment, instruction, and personal service
  • You can choose to have the boat on the bay or the ocean
  • The cleanliness of the boat
  • The professionalism of our experienced crew

If you need a boat rental for corporate events, call us today at 609-377-6641.